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Reverse Therapy
Joaquin, Pierre
Reverse Therapy
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Only 6 Credits / Members: 5 Credits
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Ana T, Joaquin’s mother, takes him to a prominent psychologist, Pierre, to see if he can help control the boy’s insatiable sex impulses. She knows he is gay but feels he is too involved in satisfying his sexual appetite. Pierre agrees to talk to the young man and assures Ana T. he will see if his professional advice can help. The mother relaxes a bit and leaves the two men alone. Pierre explains that he will take some notes during their conversation and asks Joaquin to relax. However, the boy immediately takes a liking to the older man and turns the table by asking Pierre to relax a little himself, not stopping until they become completely involved in a very hot session of their own.
Details: Aug 20,2013  22 min
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