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Cum To Daddy
Daddy Patrick, Decker McGuire
Cum To Daddy
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Only 10 Credits / Members: 8 Credits
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Daddy Patrick
Decker McGuire
On his own, Patrick is as purely and undeniably “daddy” as one hot, hairy, handsome and hung man can get. But like the saying goes (and it is a saying in some special circles), “sometimes a daddy needs a daddy”! That is unquestionable the case when our hunk meets up with fellow hunk, Decker. This is a man who can take another man and unquestionably make him his own. Which he does with methodical mastery, by owning Patrick and his holes in a systematic purity that defies you to try and hold out. As if any man could! Watch this to watch Daddy on Daddy sex at its purest and most perfect!
Details: Jun 18,2024  25 min
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